About us

Iraja is a Sanskrit word meaning born of the wind.

Our purpose is to make you feel that way as you walk, train, exercise and race.

Our goal is to create garments to feel good in. Whether you are front of the field or back of the pack, our vision is that you feel great within yourself. This is what motivates us to deliver vibrant colours in the highest quality fabrics to look good, feel great and perform brilliantly.

The launch of Iraja is the culmination of a long-held dream for founder Shimmi, whose love for getting outside and running lead her to design more colourful, functional exercise wear. Laura, long-time karate enthusiast and avid home seamstress, joined the Iraja journey after its initial launch bringing on board her passion for fabrics and desire to break away from the traditional white uniform of the Dojo.

Everyone in the Iraja family are doers first and foremost - runners, climbers, martial artists, of all standards - but what bonds us is the desire to be outside, to motivate others to get out there and into an active life and live the best you can.

We also understand the importance of giving back to the beautiful places and people of the world, our philanthropy page gives more detail on our support of Sunshine Kids Nepal charity.

All our products are Australian designed and made with materials sourced in Australia.

May your next adventure be born of the wind!