Sunshine Children's Home Nepal is a not-for-profit non-government organisation with registered charity status based in the Sunshine Coast, Australia and run by Alissa Hill.  

This charity is something that is very close to my heart and having done some fund raising for Alissa a few years back, I was overcome by her passion and desire to make a real difference in these children's lives.

Sunshine Children's Home Nepal provides a safe and nurturing environment for children of Nepal who are without parents or whose families are unable to provide an adequate living for them. Children are able to thrive whilst learning relevant skills which give them the confidence and resilience to later manage their own futures. There are no high administration costs so funding goes directly to the children and the running costs of the home. 

They also aim to empower the women of Nepal, to raise them from poverty and marginalisation by teaching them skills which lead to employment and their own independence. This is a very significant part of our mission as it also brings brighter lives to many children as well.

IRAJA's contribution to Sunshine Children's Home Nepal

2% of Iraja's Net Profit will go straight to Sunshine Children's Home Nepal and be used by Alissa to work on the two projects above. We will post updates on where your money has gone on a quarterly basis so there is greater transparency. Iraja supports this charity because administration costs are lower meaning more of the money goes directly to the children.

Thank you for supporting this cause through every Iraja purchase! 

You can like Sunshine Children's Home Nepal Facebook page or go to their website directly to read more and further donate.